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Irregular bedtimes linked to bad behavior and slow development
Irregular bedtimes linked to bad behavior and slow development

As usual, bedtime battle with kids can make a mama feel exhausted. Sometimes it would be easier to just let them head to bed whenever they want. However, a study shows that kids with a consistent bedtime routine will be happier and less problematic. The study carried out with 10,000 kids ages between 3-7, and

Free Coffee in 7-Eleven

To all coffee lovers. Don’t miss the chance to get yourself a Free coffee from the convenience store Australia-Wide. 7-Eleven is giving Free Coffee with any reusuable cup until the 2nd of September. In order to get your free coffee from 7-eleven, you will have to bring your own reusuable, ceramic or glass cup. The

Kids in China want space travel while Kids in America wan to be Youtuber: survey

In the seventies, Neil Armstrong became the first person to walk on the moon on 1969 and has since became a role model for kids. However, in recent survey (by Harris Poll), children ages between 8-12 in the US hope to be the next YouTube star rather than the next person in space. Whereas children

Ultra rare Lion King Simba Ooshie sold for $100K !?

Is this a joke? Last Thursday, the country first out of the 100 “ultra rare” Simba Ooshie from Woolworth seen on eBay with the initial bid of $10,000 AUD. Many predict it wouldn’t sell but it was sold Today for $99,900 AUD. Yes, you are right, it’s 10x of the initial bid! The hunt on

$50,000 worth of Harry Potter book could be in your shelf.

Great news to Harry Potter fans, recently an old Harry Potter first edition book could sell for over $50,000 on the 31th July in Hansons Auction. You know what, the owner bought for just $1.8 from a library sale and found it in the back of the cupboard after over 20 years. This first edition

5 things you should never say if you want to raise mentally strong kids

Most of the time, it is best to reassure our child that everything will turn out fine, however sometimes things don’t work out this way. Experts claim that mental health is often misunderstood by most parents and end up turned into a toxic message for children. It is very unhealthy to tell children hide their

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