Why Do Kids Scream & How to Handle their Tantrums

Its been a long day. I have not only been at work for over 12 hours but now we need to figure out what is for dinner. Do I run to the store? Takeout? Leftovers? The thought of this chore makes me want to scream. I rush home because due to my long day I risk running late to pick up my youngest child from Pre-school. I make it through the doors just in time. I rush in scoop him up and head back to the car. Now it has been a long day for him as well. He had to get up with me when I left the house for work and has been at Pre-school all day.  He is anxious to get home, as am I. Unfortunately I have to break the news to him that we would not be heading home immediately. He then loses it.

Being in this situation, I can completely feel his pain. I wish I could scream and cry sometimes, but unfortunately, if I were to act like that, the looks I would get. Now that I think about it, that might be fun. I may try that someday. We are tired and frustrated and are wondering why do we have to eat dinner? Well, we kind of have too, I think its a rule somewhere.

But other times it is hard to understand the reason behind a child acting out. Talk about going from sweet child to little hellion in a matter of seconds. Sometimes they are hurt, sometimes they are upset, and sometimes I feel like they don’t even know what is bothering them. It can be quite frustrating at times.

Patience is the Key

No matter the situation, always try to take the patient route, (sometimes known as the road less traveled as a parent) and try to see things from their point of view. Are they tired and exhausted? Are they hungry? Did the wind change direction? Once you figure it out, you can eliminate the issue and hopefully calm them down.

Is it okay to discipline a screaming child? Yes, sometimes discipline is necessary especially if it is more for show or just plain ole’ disobedience. I will send my children to their room when they act out inexplicably. I tell them they can come out when they calm down and act appropriately. When they calm down, we will discuss the reason for the outburst and how best to control it next time.

Communication is Key

Whatever the reason is that your child is acting out, you must communicate with your child, the importance of not acting out and controlling their outburst. Also, reassure them that it is normal to get angry and upset at times and that sometimes you will have an outburst. 

As a parent or guardian, you are their muse, their example. So take a look in the mirror. You never know maybe your child is the one giving you the crazy looks when you have an outburst.

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