Ultra rare Lion King Simba Ooshie sold for $100K !?

Is this a joke? Last Thursday, the country first out of the 100 “ultra rare” Simba Ooshie from Woolworth seen on eBay with the initial bid of $10,000 AUD. Many predict it wouldn’t sell but it was sold Today for $99,900 AUD. Yes, you are right, it’s 10x of the initial bid!

Image: Ebay

The hunt on these remaining Little Furry Simba is even more considering with just 100 pieces of these rare collectables available in Australia.

However, there’re alot of ridicule comments on Facebook thou, with people saying “good luck in selling bit of plactic that you can actually got for free”, while some commented “people have more $$ than sense”

Shoppers are just crazy on these little Ooshie since the launch of the of it from Woolworth. They have been scrambling to be the first to complete their collections, while some are trying to make money from that.

Just a reminder, the Woolworth’s Lion King promotion finishes on the 13th of August.

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