Thinking secondhand? Maybe think a second time

The true cost of buying secondhand

We all know that having a baby can put a strain on the finances, especially with so many items to buy e.g. furniture, prams, car seats… just to name a few. It can be tempting to pick up a secondhand bargain for some items, but before you do it’s important to consider what you are actually buying.

Why buy new?

A product which was thought to be safe two or three years ago may now be considered a danger. New products that comply with these standards are clearly labelled, giving you peace of mind when you make your purchase. If there is a fault, you know manufacturers have to fix it or refund your money. Under Australian Consumer law, product safety is regulated and your rights as a consumer are protected. Buying a secondhand product does not give you the same protection. With a new product e.g. baby crib or pram, you do not have to worry about its history as safety is more important than saving a few bucks.

Products worth buying new every time

  • Car seats, booster seats and child restraints
    These are just like car designs in that they improve their safety requirements over the years. With a secondhand product you will be unaware of its history or it might no longer be safe. It only takes a small collision to damage the car seats and the damage is usually not obvious. By buying new restraint means you can be totally sure it’s safe.
  • Prams, strollers and joggers
    Usually new prams designed with high-quality mechanisms to ensure your child;s fingers, arm, legs, head and body won;t be trapped. Safety locks on secondhand products might not work properly too. Worn wheel bearings can cause a lot of issue too. While all of these can be replaced, the cost can be as high as a new product.
  • Cribs and Cots
    Design standard for cribs and cots have dramatically improved in recent years as the standards are constantly reviewed to ensure the designs minimise any risks. Old style cot designs are considered unsafe and do not meet safety standards unfortunately.

It is recommended parents research all the new products in the market and perhaps most importantly, buy what you can afford so you can enjoy this time with the peace of mind that new products can provide.

Article courtesy of Baby Safety Program INPAA

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