The Best 15 Playgrounds in Sydney

Hello Mamas, where to go with your child during the weekends? Is your child bored of the parks or playgrounds around your area?

Check out the places suggested by our the parents team. Hope that’s help.

1. Livvi’s Place at Yamble Reserve

Livvi’s Place at Ryde is a very complete playground that’s suitable for kids of all ages. It has all kind of outdoor equipment and beautifully built landscape elements.

Livvi’s Place at Yamble Reserve

2. Darling Quarter Playground

Sydney Darling Harbour Playground is a fairyland for kids and adults. It’s great bonding for families and always full of people during the weekend.

Darling Harbour Playground
Darling Harbour Playground

3. Clontarf Beach Playgroud

Clontarf Beach is another place for families during the weekends and school holidays. The soft, white and delicate sand makes it so great to walk on.

Clontarf Beach

There’s also a safe swimming area in the beach, floating water park with slides, trampolines, rope swings and many more.

Clontarf Beach

4. Pirrama Park Playground

Pirrama Park located in Pyrmont is a scenic seaside recreation play area with lawns, playgrounds, cafes, public swimming area which’s perfect for family gatherings.

Pirrama Park

5. Putney Water Park

Putney Playground is a lovely place, especially if you have children of different ages. Younger child can play along the river and the pool while older child can climb on the huge rope and try on the huge pipe slide.

Putney Water Park

There’s also a playground around with public barbecue spot and picnic table for families gathering.

Putney Water Park

6. Clifton Gardens Reserve Playground

The Clifton Garden is a hidden beach located in Mosman, so be sure to take a good look at the map. Of course, this is part of its charm, just like a secret base. There are plenty of picnic tables in the area, and there is an amazing playground. It’s a great place for bike riding or have a quite time to read a book.

Clifton Gardens Reserve

7. Collaroy Beach Playground

Here you can see the beach and the sea and enjoy the cool sea breeze. There’s a new climbing rope frame, water play area and the super invincible big swing.

Collaroy Beach Playground
Collaroy Beach Playground

8. Central Gardens

The 12 hectares Central Garden Nature Reserve is an ideal outdoor venue for families gatherings, group activities and school excursions. It is located on the corner of Cumberland Highway and Merrylands Road.

Central Gardens

9. Sydney Park Playground

Sydney Park is the third largest park in Sydney, located at the edge of Alexander, St Peters, Newtown and Erskineville.

Sydney Park Playground
Sydney Park Playground

10. Berry Island Reserve

Berry Island is one of the most delightful coastal shrubs in North Sydney. Enjoy panoramic views of the entire harbour and city from this picturesque nature reserve. There’s a beach, playground and barbecue picnic area which is popular for picnics and special events like birthday party.

Berry Island
Berry Island

11. The Lizard Log Park

The Lizard Log Park located in Horsley Dr and Cowpasture Rd, which’s designed from recycle wood log. It has a climbing wall, slides, biplanes and single-wing flying foxes, as well as gaming platform with pumps and huge swings.
There is a circular path perfect for motorcycles and bike riders too.

The Lizard Log Park

12. Holroyd Gardens

Holroyd Gardens located in Merrylands, it is the kind of place where you can easily stay for a whole day!
Ride on a specially constructed bicycle training track, play on the playgrounds, stroll through the playground, picnic or barbecue, explore old brick factories, fly kites or simply relax in the park.
There is a playground called “Home away from home” with a range of climbing equipment and swings, perfect for preschoolers.

Holroyd Gardens

13. Balmoral Beach Playground

Even-thou this is a smaller playground. There is a great climbing frame, a swing, a seesaw, and a favourite boat storage room for kids.

Balmoral Beach Playground

14. King George Constellation Playground

This space themed and very spacious playground has equipment suitable for all ages and most abilities, and it is a great place to have a picnic too. It has lovely views over the water of Rozelle Bay, and as the playground isn’t fully fenced, you need to make sure you keep an eye on wandering little ones. The playground has a couple of picnic tables and a BBQ, chill out seats and water fountains. You can also easily access the playground with a pram from the street.

King George Constellation
King George Constellation
King George Constellation

15. Flying Fox Park

Flying Fox Park at Mona Vale can satisfy the children’s, and they will definitely very happy!

Flying Fox Park
Flying Fox Park

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