From the moment you are pregnant, until your children go to school, The Parents will accompany you along the way, our parenting tricks and tips will help you navigate the curly world throughout your motherhood.

Introducing solids: Purees vs baby led weaning

Introducing solids to your baby is an exciting, messy and enjoyable stage of development that marks the beginning of a long and tasty journey. We as adults, taking food to our mouth, biting, chewing, and swallowing is automatic, but we must remember that our little ones need to learn how to eat step by step.

Things You Should Never Say to Your Kid

6 Negative and Positive Common Phrases To Kids Certain everyday phrases can really have the contrary to the intended effect. Not only can these everyday sentences be amended to more effective versions, but they can also be improved to have a much more positive effect. Saying these words in a different manner can make it

Creative ways to help kids love reading

The Joy Of Reading Does your child pick up a book and start reading for the fun of it? Or do they only read what is assigned to them in class? To be able to read is essential to be successful in life. Whether it is reading signs on the road or picking up their favorite book, words

Kids Who Draw Pictures Of Themselves See Several Benefits, According To Expert

Children who are constantly doodling or drawing self-portraits during their spare time are not only expressing their artistic freedom or immortalizing themselves with their own work of art, but they are also learning a lot in the process, too. There’s a new study that says there are many benefits for elementary school-aged children who like

Thinking secondhand? Maybe think a second time

The true cost of buying secondhand We all know that having a baby can put a strain on the finances, especially with so many items to buy e.g. furniture, prams, car seats… just to name a few. It can be tempting to pick up a secondhand bargain for some items, but before you do it’s

Having A Working Mom Benefits Kids Later In Life

While there are many working moms that probably see more challenges than benefits to having to go to the office every day, research claims that their children will reap the rewards later in life. In fact, there’s a new study that claims children who see their mom go to work grow up to be more

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