Irregular bedtimes linked to bad behavior and slow development

As usual, bedtime battle with kids can make a mama feel exhausted. Sometimes it would be easier to just let them head to bed whenever they want. However, a study shows that kids with a consistent bedtime routine will be happier and less problematic.

The study carried out with 10,000 kids ages between 3-7, and found that kids with inconsistent bedtimes had more behavioural difficulties. For example, when it comes to things like happiness, fighting and inconsiderate, usually only found on the kids with non-regular bedtimes. Apart from the study, parents and teachers also reported that their kids with irregular bedtimes as more problematic kids.

Accordingly, to national sleep foundation, by putting your kids to bed at 8pm during the weekdays and 10pm during the weekend will cause a kind of “social jet lag” even though they are getting the same amount hours of sleep. I believed this is happened to you all right? Your kids will not behave as usual on the Monday morning 😉 as a result of this, your child’s bodily systems get messed up and affected their circadian rhythms and hormonal system. Worst of all, irregular bedtimes can also put your kids at risk for obesity, low-self esteem and concentration issue.

The good news is those negative effects on behaviour appeared to be reversible. When kids switched from irregular bedtimes to regular shows improvement in their behaviour. So, it always never too late to help your kid back onto a positive path by making a small habit change. Everyone want the best for their kids, right?

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