Free Coffee in 7-Eleven

To all coffee lovers. Don’t miss the chance to get yourself a Free coffee from the convenience store Australia-Wide. 7-Eleven is giving Free Coffee with any reusuable cup until the 2nd of September.

In order to get your free coffee from 7-eleven, you will have to bring your own reusuable, ceramic or glass cup. The cup must also be suitable for hot liquids.

The intention of this promotion was part of an initiative to reduce the volumn of single use cups in landfill, said CEO Angus Mckay. The promotion will run for 28 days to give everyong the best chance of making small change to their habits as it usually takes time (approximate 21 days) for people to adapt to a new habit. Over time, this will definatelly benefitial to our mother natrure by reducing single use cup waste.

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