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Chinese New Year 2019 Festival in Sydney

Celebrate the Lunar New Year of 2019 “Pig Year” with neighborhood markets, giant lanterns and glowing street parties here at Sydney.

Lunar New Year which is also known as Chinese New Year usually occurs sometime between January and February. It’s on a different date each year because the calendar goes by the cycle of the moon. This yearLunar New Year’s Eve is on Monday, February 4.

Lunar New Year is a shared celebration for many cultures represented in Sydney, including all Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and Korean communities. Every year, Sydney’s official festival program alone has over 80 events across arts, culture, food and sport, making it one of the largest Lunar New Year celebrations outside Asia.

Here are some some of the highlights welcoming in the Year of the Pig that are sure to satisfy your hunger and enlighten your cultural learning.

Chatswood Lunar New Year Celebration

There are quite a few suburb that celebrate the Lunar New Year but we have chosen Chatswood in this article. Their slogon for the year of 2019 is “Immerse yourself in the sensational new year festivities of Asia without leaving Sydney”. In 2019, Chatswood is hosting a three week long cultural celebration – Chatswood Year of the Pig Festival.

There will be Golden Market, Asia Food Tours, Lion Dance and many more event happening in Chatswood during 29th of January to 19th of February. For more information please refer to Willoughby City Council website.

Chinese New Year Dragon Boat Races

Dragon boat races that take place on Cockle Bay, Darling Harbour is the annual event during Lunar New Year festival. It will be on the 9 and 10 of February 2019 this year. Over thousands of paddlers will battle it out with more than 100 races running every 10 minutes.

It’s worth heading down to just see these ornately designed boats slice through the water. These specially designed boats is carved with the head and tail of a dragon, and colourful scales painted along the sides. There will be a very unique event known as “symbolic awaking of the dragon” before the races begin by dotting of the dragon’s eyes. For more information please refer to City of Sydney website.

Chinese New Year Night Market

The Sydney Fish Market’s Lunar New Year night market will keep its doors open late on Friday February 8th to celebrate the Year of the Pig.

Diners can dine on the finest “Yum Cha” Chinese cuisine as well as all sort of fresh seafood like oysters, lobsters, crabs and many more. There will also be a range of fresh fruit and desserts stalls open on the night.

“Feel of Lunar New Year” The market will decorated with red lanterns around the atmosphere, representing the colour of good fortune. Also, lion dancers will hit the boardwalk for an hour from 6.30pm, and finally red envelops will also be handed out in the night.

The market will burst with colour with red lanterns being hung around the space, representing the colour of good fortune. Lion dancers will hit the boardwalk for an hour from 6.30pm, and red envelopes filled with tidings of prosperity and happiness will also be handed out thoughout the night, just in case you’re still feeling a little unlucky in the new year.

**Please note that The Fish Market open from 7am with the Night Market kicking off at 4pm. Entry is free and parking is free (from 4pm). 

Lunar Lanterns

There will be the Lunar Lanterns exhibited for the entirety of the festival at Circular Quay, from February 1- 10, 2019

This year will be featuring giant animal lanterns representing the creatures of zodiac around the harbour. Each one is measured up to 13m in height and its best seen during the night when lit up in full. Be sure to find your zodiac animal among the sculptures and take a snap with them.

Best to bring the whole family and get up close to these magnificent, giant artwork. We will also see some glowing figures return which include a 5m height 3-D pig; paper cut-style sheep; towering wall of monkeys; and 6m height inflatable ox.

Chinatown Celebrations

Dixon Street Plaza is always bustling with people seeking out spicy feasts and traditional chinese food. This year, Lunar New Year falls on February 5, and in Chinatown people will usher in the Year of the Pig from February 1-10.

Lets us all welcome the Lunar New Year with traditional performances and flavours in the Chinatown. There’ll be lion dancers in the lane every Friday and Sunday, traditional performances, and remember to participate in workshops at the Chinese Garden of Friendship.

Lunar Spectacular Show

This Lunar New Year, at Overseas Passenger Terminal, The Rocks from February 1 – 3, The community groups will get the chance to perform traditional and contemporary pieces in a series of free performances.

For just 3 days and Entry is free for all, lets all head to the outdoor stage near the Overseas Passenger Terminal to see Japanese drumming, K-pop, and Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Korean and Vietnamese dancers. For more info please visit to the event website.

** The show start 7.30pm on February 1 and 7.00pm on February 2-3.

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